You want numbers? I'll give you numbers

Courtesy of a Cummings article today in the Tribune I give you the cap numbers as of this morning before any players have been cut.

The Bucs are only $1.3 million under the $85 million cap. But the Bucs have up to $6.037 million to spend on rookies as mandated by the NFL. Since none of the rookies can be signed until cap room is cleared, the Bucs are looking to clear about $5 million starting today.

While the Bucs are not in the same level of salary cap hell as the Titans, they are in bad shape compared to other teams. You can pretty much expect older offensive players to be cut, mainly guys who where brought in last year, i.e. Garner and Steussie. The only young guy who could be cut is Kenyatta "First Round Bust" Walker.

The Bucs are still looking at restructuring some contracts, notibly Brooks, Rice and McFarland. Brooks counts $9 M against the cap, Rice $10 M and Booger $4 M. None of these players are eager to rework their contracts (would you be excited if your boss came to you asking for a paycut of a million or so?), so it's unlikely you will see any contracts restructured.

Of course, as I hear of any cuts I will post the news ASAP.

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