The Pistons are dcwn 2-0 and the media has already written them out of this series, although that could change in the next week.

The Pistons have played their last three games on the road, but they head home for the next three games. The home crown will re-energize the Pistons, and they will come out firing in Game 3. The Spurs tend to get complacent when up two games going into a road game. If the Pistons can win the next game they will have some momentum heading into the last two games at home.

This series is far from over, and I expect the Pistons to play with more energy the next three games. The bench players (i.e. Antonio McDyess and Lyndsey Hunter) play better at home than on the road, and the Pistons desperately need more point production from their bench right now. I still expect the Spurs to win this series, but the next three games should be interesting.

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