Cuts by the end of the week

The rumor mills are a buzz after Cummings' article today. You can expect guard Matt Stinchcomb, tackle Todd "Steroid" Steussie and running back Charlie Garner to all be cut by the end of the week.

Right now the Bucs are only about $1 million under the salary cap. They need to get to $6 million under the cap. Cutting Steussie and Stinchcomb will clear up about $2.5 million and cutting Garner will clear up $800k.

The Bucs need to rework Kenyatta Walker's deal so that he makes the veteran minimum. His current deal is for $3.5 million. If the Bucs trim roughly 2 million from Walker's contract they can then go ahead and sign all their rookies. If Walker refuses to restructure then the Bucs could end up cutting him.

(hat tip to nitey for the numbers)

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