Saints add another WR

Az-Zahir Hakim

The Saints have signed Az-Zahir Hakim to compete for the 3rd receiver spot behind Joe "I need a new calling plan" Horn and Donte Stallworth. Hakim played for the Lions for the past three years but experienced his greatest success in St. Louis as the 3rd reciever behind Issac Bruce and Torry "I make my own nicknames" Holt (seriously though, Holt proclaims that his nickname should be "Big Game" and nobody in the media bats an eyelash? instead they proceed to use the nickname every chance they get? wtf!?!)

Hakim was cut from the Lions after they drafted ANOTHER receiver in the first round (Mike Williams) in addition to the two other first round receivers they have drafted in the past three years (Charles Rogers and Roy Williams).

The addition of Hakim does make the Saints offense potentially much more dangerous, assuming he still has the speed he had 4 years ago. The Saints have one of the better, if not erratic, offenses in the NFL, and I believe that a good third receiver is the key to having a dangerous offense. When Hakim played for the Rams, St. Louis had one of the best offenses the league had seen in years. Peyton Manning and the Colt's offense enjoyed one of the most successful seasons by an offense because of the emergence of Brandon Stokely and Reggie Wayne to compliment Marvin Harrison. There is far more depth at receiver than there is at corner in the NFL, which means that if you have a good third receiver you can typically exploit your opponent's third cornerback.

So here's hoping Hakim has lost a step or two.

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