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Drew Rosenhaus (aka Evil Incarnate) just held a live chat on ESPN.com. Since the chat transcripts are only available to ESPN Insiders I figured I would mark some of the highlights. Additionally, a full copy of the transcript is available here at the Sports Frog

On a side note I asked about 20 questions (about half involving the word douche bag) and not a single one was answered. Anyway, on to the highlights:

Mark (Minneapolis): Do you have a set of criteria athletes must meet for you to be willing to represent them?
Drew Rosenhaus : (5:12 PM ET ) My criteria is a player with ability. I want to represent the most talented players out there. But I also want to represent guys with high character that I am proud to associate with.

Jason (Maryland): What's the deal with Sean Taylor? Aggravated assault? What's next for him?
Drew Rosenhaus : (5:19 PM ET ) What's next is training camp. He will be in camp. He will have a great year and go to the Pro Bowl. I'm confident the present issues will be handled professionally and he will be able to focus on football.

Nate (philly): Hey Drew,I heard you have no soul.... is this true?
Drew Rosenhaus : (5:24 PM ET ) That is absurd. I am successful because I have a big soul and big heart. I love the NFL and respect the fans. I was a fan before I was an agent. I care deeply about my clients and my committment to them and their families. I hope I enhance the product and help players with their careers. I certainly have a soul. I'm a very caring person with a very close knit family.

My favorite question has to be the soul one. It would have been great if he could have answered honestly and just responded, "That's correct Nate, I'm a heartless bastard who is loyal only to money and I enjoy eating the hearts of puppies in my spare time."

Now, E.I. strikes me as pretty smart guy, and he does a fairly good job in interviews, but he puts out so much B.S. you can't really believe anything he says. He basically says everyone of his players is gonna make the Pro Bowl, which is B.S. The oddest thing about E.I. is that he collects comic books. Well that and he has no soul.

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