Runningback Roles

It looks like Carnell Williams will be eased into the primary back role on the offense, while Michael Pittman will become the third down back. Both runningbacks have been running plays with the first team offense during practices in the offseason.

Pittman is much better suited to be a third down back, since he has always been better at catching balls out of the backfield than running the ball. Pittman is a tough matchup for most linebackers due to his size and speed. He is too strong to be covered by an outside linebacker, but too fast to be covered by an inside linebacker. Additionally, he is a reliable reciever for a runningback.
"They're letting me play a little bit more wide receiver," said Pittman, who caught 134 passes in his first two seasons with the Bucs. "They've added more receiving routes for me to add to my arsenal. I asked the coach if I could do that last year, and they're finally letting me do it. ... Me and Cadillac are working together to get better, having a lot of fun."

The key word in that quote is "fun." It would be really easy for Pittman to give into his ego and sit and pout while Williams began to take away his carries. But Pittman, despite everything that has been said about his character, appears to be handling the transition well, so far.

It remains to be seen if Pittman will have the same kind of attitude half way through the season when his touches have been reduced by a third.

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