Only a matter of time . . .

until the Bucs cut Stinchcomb and Steussie.

The Bucs have quietly signed offensive linemen over the past three weeks, first Lance Nimmo, and most recently guard/center Chris Watton. Watton just got done playing for the Arena League champion Colorado Crush. On a side note, I think the Arena League does a better job of cultivating QBs and linemen than NFL Europe. The Arena League game is more fast-paced than the regular NFL game, and it forces linemen and QBs to make quick decisions.

I would like to see the Bucs pick up one more experienced offensive lineman, possibly Scott Gragg or Marcus Price. Both these guys could provide depth at the tackle position for the Bucs.

The additions of Nimmo and Watton make Stinchcomb and Stuessie more expendable. At some point the Bucs do have to cut these guys if they want to clear up the cap room to sign their rookies.

UPDATE: I just realized Earthwind Moreland is on the free agent market. The Bucs should pick this guy up just so I have some entertainment when I watch Bucs games. I couldn't watch a Patriots game last year without laughing every time the announcers mentioned his name (and then proceded to make some horrible joke about bands from the 70s).

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