Agents need more love

So ESPN.com decides to run a 4-part series on the working man that is the sports agent.

Let's be honest here, it's a pretty slow right now sports news-wise. So I decide to venture on over to ESPN to see if they have any news today. I open the webpage and the lead story is about . . . the love between agent Matt Sosnick and Marlins pitcher Dontrelle Willis?

Apparently, Willis had the logo for Sosnick's company tatooed on his arm. It bears stating that Sosnick has shown the same loyalty to Willis, being the first person at Willis's side after suffering a severe car wreck that almost killed Willis. But, what happens if Willis decides to get a new agent? Or Sosnick decides to get a new logo? Obviously, Willis did not think out the decision to get a tattoo.

And what the hell is ESPN doing running pub for sports agents? This is like when The Morning Show was excited because Steve Wynn let them have a "sneak peek" of his new casino. The talking heads on The Morning Show acted as though they were excited that Wynn let them broadcast from his new casino, as though Wynn was doing The Morning Show a huge favor, instead of merely providing free advertising for Wynn.

Well that's what is going on here. ESPN is providing free advertising for agents while acting as though we, the readers, are fortunate to hear these tales of intrigue from the world of the sports agents.

Maybe ESPN ran this story because the summer is always slow for sports news. Maybe they ran the article because Evil Incarnate has been in the news lately. Maybe they ran the story because the only other front page story was about Pedro Martinex throwing a 2 hitter for the Mets. But, spare me some dribble on how sports agents are just like Tom Crusie in Jerry Maguire, only looking out for the best interests on the players they represent. I'll believe that when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.

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