The Simeon Rice Movie: the greatest story ever told

More details are emerging regarding the movie that Simeon Rice has been writing. From an article in the Tribune today, Rice had this to say about himself:
"If I can't speak the truth, I might as well not speak. In the role that I'm cast in the NFL, I'm not a great good guy. I'm a better bad guy, and I can live with that."

So Rice would play some kind of misunderstood bad guy, along the lines of Michael Corleone from Godfather, Darth Vader from Star Wars or Mr. Freeze from Batman and Robin? Gruden has indicated that he no intention of inhibiting Rice's artistic spirit:
"Simeon Rice is going to lead in his own way,'' Gruden said. "He's creative and off- beat, and you don't try to hinder that. You try to let him spread his wings and be who he is, a free spirit."

As I said yesterday, I eagerly look forward to watching Rice's life story as told by Rice. I have no doubt that Rice's production will be the best movie since Godfather III.

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