"That's the kind of bold flavor they enjoy in Albuquerque!"

Hungry Hungry Homer

So the Saints won't be moving to Albuquerque, L.A. or any other city. Louisiana has ponyed up the money to pay to the owner of the Saints according to the website theredzone.org. The state has borrowed $10.5 million to pay the $15 million which is due by July 5. The Louisiana legislature is currently in recess which meant it was impossible to raise taxes to generate the revenue to pay the Saints. There is currently no plan on how the state will repar its debt.

State governments despise having to borrow that much money without having a plan for how to repay it. The more money a state has to borrow, the worse interest rates the state receives, which means the state has to eventually raise taxes to keep from going into the red.

This is a prime example of how NFL owners screw over the local communities with their demands for government welfare. This $186 million that the state of Louisiana agreed to pay to the Saints should have been directed towards helping the rural poor, the sick or other much more deserving causes. I would love to see someone in the MSM (mainstream media) pick this story up, but sadly I doubt anyone would.

And finally, on a side note, I found out about the redzone website through the St Pete Times. The only thing is that the Times lists the website as theredzone.COM (as opposed to theredzone.ORG) which is actually a website for an escort service. So papers throughout the Bay area today will have a free advertisement for an escort service in them.

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