Glazer receives death threats

In a story that comes as no real surprise the Tribune reports that Malcolm Glazer has been threatened by Manchester United fans on various websites. A group of excitable soccer fans calling themselves the Manchester Education Committee have threatened Malcolm Glazer, his sons and any "collaborators."
Do the Glazers really think they will ever be allowed to enter Old Trafford to take possession of their prize? Do they even imagine they can fly into the UK without us being alerted? If so, then they are as stupid as they are greedy. And no matter how large the phalanx of bodyguards you bring, Joel, we will always outnumber you.

This is from a statement released by the Manchester Education Committee on the Buc's original message board. The Manchester Police have taken these threats seriously and are looking for the people responsible for the threats. It's worth noting that these immature soccer hooligans do not represent the majority of Manchester fans, as evidenced by this response on the message board.
I live over here in the UK - the Manchester Education Committee are about 3 18-year-olds who sit in front of their computers all day and think they're tough. The first time one of them talks to a girl, it'll be front page news.


Anyway, I hope that the Manchester Police have some kind of scared straight program where they can lock up these pansies with hardened criminals. In fact, that would be an apporpriate for any soccer hooligan who starts a riot after their team loses a match. Lock them up with an inmate who's looking for a new girlfriend. I'm pretty sure that would cut down on the number of soccer-related riots.

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