No Fun League

The media and the NFL has made way to big of a deal about this 49ers PR video that was leaked to the public (link to video here). This is a video that was created to warn young 49ers players about making potentially bad PR moves, which is kinda ironic since . . . well, the video has been a PR nightmare for the 49ers.

If you watch the video it does a good job of catching a player's attention, which some boring and stiff video would be unable to do. The guy who made the video, PR Director Kirk Reynolds is going to lose his job. Which is unfortunate because his only mistake was preventing the video from being released to the public.

Additionally, while the media has been quick to jump all over this guy, the 49ers players have been just as quick to defend him.

It wasn't meant to harm anybody or be any kind of negative message at all. It was supposed to be an in-house thing,'' linebacker Julian Peterson said at the 49ers' Santa Clara facility, where the team gathered for an off- season practice. "I know Kirk personally. I know he has not addressed anybody with racial slurs. I'm just so upset this got out of proportion like this."

I'm betting this guy gets a better job fairly quickly, most likely at a PR firm in San Francisco.

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