Jamboree Weekend

So I am still recovering from this weekend's festivities out in rural Virginia (if anyone has ever been to Strausburg you know what I'm talking about). One of my fraternity brothers has cabin out in the middle of no where, in a spot closer to West Virginia than it is to civilization.

It was an odd mix of people, a bunch of William and Mary grads hanging out with rednecks from rural Virginia. Still, it was a good time, with plenty of botchy ball and beer pong action going on.

It's the slow part of the football season, with a break in the action until training camp begins on July 28th. The only news to report for the next month will signings and cuts, unless of course some player makes it into the police blotter (where is Dwight Smith when you need him?).

Charlie Garner has been resigned for the veteran minimum making it highly unlikely that he will be cut. Garner's resigning will have little impact on the team, since Garner has relied on his speed thoughout his NFL career. Multiple injuries and the aging process tend to slow most people down. Garner's biggest impact will be to help tutor Carnell Williams.

There has been a lot of talk about Kenyatta Walker, with rumors flying that he will be cut. But Gruden has come out in support of Walker, making it less likely he will be cut. But the Bucs still have to find a way to clear up $5 million in cap room to sign their rookies, so the next few weeks will be spent figuring out how to do that. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before Stinchcomb and Steussie are given their pink slips

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