"I am the Law"

Ty Law

According to Peter King's (aka Fatty McButterpants) latest column the Bucs offered former Patriots corner Ty Law a contract:
"Now Miami wants me to come back and visit. But if you can't afford Patrick Surtain [who was dealt to Kansas City in April], how can you afford me? The Jets are interested. Kansas City called again. Tampa Bay faxed an offer. Indianapolis is in it. I got an offer, sight unseen for $2.5 million for one year. If I wasn't ready, I'd just take it. But I'm going to be ready to play and that's not the kind of contract I should get. Before they signed Surtain, the Chiefs gave me, like, a $42 million offer. But it was structured so bad that I'd probably only make $10 million before they'd cut me. So I didn't do it.''

If the Bucs could pick up Law for the veteran's miminum for one year he would be a steal. As it is Law is prob looking for a figure closer to $4 million. Law was one of the top five corners in the league before injuries forced him to miss games.

And as long as where talking Pats and Fatty King, let me rant on how biased his coverage is. I was having this argument with my buddy this weekend, over whose bias is worse King or Bill Simmons. My buddy is no BS fan (especially after his article saying Reggie Miller should not be in the Hall of Fame), and argued that BS is worse 'cause all he ever talks about are the Red Sox, the Celtics, or the Pats. Fair point.

But BS is upfront with his bias, he grew up a Boston sports fan. Additionally, BS is not a reporter, he only offers his opinions. King, on the other hand, gets paid to cover the NFL. Using his unbiased he is supposed to cover the league and report back on what is going down. And if that's what he did you could make the argument that King was the better columnist. Emphasis on the word "if".

King can not go an article without mentioning the Pats, Tom Brady or Bill Belichick. From the FIRST paragraph of King's article:
As we enter the real offseason (when only hard-liners like Tom Brady will be working out at facilities now -- and I'm not kidding about that one)

You hear that America, Tom Brady is the only hard working player in the NFL. No one else in the NFL even deserves to carry Brady's jockstrap? Of course, nothing I can say can compare with this zing from Raven's GM Ozzie Newsome when King visited the Raven's clubhouse:
"You mean the Patriots let you come down to see another team?"

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