Spurs-Pistons: Game 1

The Wallaces

You gotta like how the Spurs responded to the Pistons after the 1st quarter if you're a San Antonio fan. As expected the Spurs started out lethargic, falling behind 17-4 in the first seven minutes of the game. But Tim Duncan came through for the Spurs by making a couple of key shots early in the game and giving his team the confidence to catch up with the Pistons.

Manu Ginobili played out of his mind in the second half, scoring 22 of his 26 points in the last two quarters. At one point he was even driving straight at the defensive player of the year, Ben Wallace, and scoring baskets.

If the Pistons want to win on Sunday they need Rip Hamilton to make more shots. Hamilton was 7 for 21 last night, despite getting open shots from the multiple screens Larry Brown ran for him, a la Reggie Miller. Credit Bruce Bowen's defense for throwing Hamilton off, but Bowen was having some difficulty with the double screens the Pistons were running, and if Hamilton can hit more shots Bowen will be seeing a lot more double or staggered screens.

And I'm not buying the argument that Rasheed Wallace needs to step up his offensive production for the Pistons to win. Rasheed is playing against Duncan for most of the game, which means he spending most if his energy on defending Duncan. Additionally, Rasheed isn't going to find many open shots with Duncan covering him. Hamilton has to step up and start making shots for the Pistons to stand a chance in this series.

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