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Former Bucs kicker Martin Gramatica had surgery last week to repair tears in his lower abductor and lower abdomen, both on the right side according to the Tribune. Martin has been bothered by this injury for two and half years according to his brother, Bill. Now Bill claims that people knew his brother was hurt but I'm kinda doubting anyone else knew how bad the injury was except for Martin and his family.

Of course, it would have been nice if Martin could have told the Bucs how bad his injury was instead of having to suffer through two seasons of dreadful kicking. I can understand why Martin would keep his injury private (a fear of being cut), but if he divulged more information a year ago it would have been far easier to fix this injury earlier.

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John F. said...

I thought the CBA prevents someone form being cut specifically because of an injury. Yes, Martin could have been deactivated any number of ways -- or paid off to Amscray from Tampa Bay -- but at the same time I don't think Gruden flat out cuts Martin if he says "Coach - I am hurt and I need surgery."

My guess is Martin feared surgery to the point where he thought hiding the injury was his only recourse.

Good luck to him - he's one of my all time faves on the team... Even if people give him crap for his enthusiasm, it's a nice change of pace with mostly stolid kickers.