From the "A fool and his money are soon departed" file

Just two days ago I was joking about how the only news for the next month would be if Dwight Smith made it into the police blotters . . . and what does Smith do but make it into the police blotters?

This time though Smith was the victim of a crime. Smith was at a family member's home in Detroit Sunday night when he was robbed by gunpoint. The thieves made off with some $100,000 in jewelry and $4,000 in cash.

My first impression? Man, that's a lot of bling. Especially if your just hanging out on the front porch with family. Smith is from Detroit, so I'm sure he knows how bad the city can be. Which is why it makes no sense to be wearing that expensive of jewelry.

No word on if Smith will track the thieves down Sean Taylor style, brandishing guns and baseball bats with a few dozen of his closest friends. (actually, now that I think about it that's more of the Warrior's style, best Coney Island gang out there)

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