X-Mas in June

The Bucs still have not made any cap cuts, most likely because they have been trying to renogiate a couple of deals first. Since the players they have been trying to renogiate with (Rice, Barber and Brooks) have been unwilling to receive less money this year the Bucs will be forced to cut more players than they would like to. And as I've said before most of the players cut will be offensive lineman (Steussie, Stenchcomb, Walker).

Don't be surprised if the Bucs resign one or two of the players that they cut. 3 of the 11 players who have been released by NFL teams so far are also offensive lineman. And if more offensive lineman are cut by their respective teams, we will be looking at a market that is flooded with offensive linemen. The Bucs would love to resign Steussie or Stinchcomb at a lower price, and the only way that would be possible is if no other team can exceed Tampa Bay's offer. Assuming the Bucs organization makes an offer to who ever they cut, it makes sense for a player to resign with the Bucs rather than relocating to a new city.

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