E-bay sponsored fan fest


The Bucs are holding a meet and greet Saturday from 9:30 until 2 at Ray Jay Stadium. Coach Gruden and GM Bruce Allen will be availbale and apparently around a dozen players will be available. No word on which players will be available, but I'm guessing Steroid Steussie is not one of them.

You can actually get autographs for free if you show up and get a voucher. And considering that the entire event is free this a great chance to make some money by selling the autographs on E-bay.

Which players would you like to get an autograph from? My list would include, in no specific order:
  • Mike Alstott (older guy I respect)
  • Derrick Brooks (ditto)
  • Ronde Barber (smart guy, would be interesting to talk to)
  • Michael Clayton (young guy who's the future of the franchise)
  • Carnell Williams (ditto)

Side story, probably the classiest guy to get an autograph from is John Lynch. Back in his early days with the Bucs he stopped by one of my high school football teams practices and talked to us about the importance of football and working hard at whatever a person does in life. Made a hell of an impression on myself and all the other guys. The cool thing is that he spoke highly of my head coach, an older guy who had been coaching at the school for a number of years and was a good coach, but not really well known. The one surprising thing about Lynch is that he's a lot shorter in person (6 foot or so), which led to the eventual "I think I could tackle Lynch" from a bunch of under-sized high school football players. I could sit here all day and blabber on like a schoolgirl about Lynch so I'll just shut up and advise you, if you're going to the Bucs fan fest, to ask Gruden if he's gonna follow Michael Clayton's lead and fly in one of MacDill's F-16s.

Update: I can't believe that I forgot to mention that there would be cheerleaders there also. I was so caught up in my man-crush that I forgot about the cheerleaders. I'm an idiot.

Also the following is straight from the Buc's web site regarding players attending:

The first wave of Buccaneer players will sign autographs from 10:00 a.m. to noon. Included in this group will be Mike Alstott, Brian Griese, Anthony McFarland, Shelton Quarles, Alex Smith, Greg Spires, Cadillac Williams and many more.

The second autograph session will run from noon to 2:00 p.m. and will feature such Buccaneers as Ronde Barber, Anthony Becht, Michael Clayton, Derrick Deese, Michael Pittman, Chris Simms, Ellis Wyms and many more.

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