Drew Rosenhaus must have shat himself

Good article in the Orlando Sentinel by Chris Harry about Ronde Barber and his uncommon sense of humility. Harry makes an excellant point that Barber is the best cornerback on the #1 pass defending team, yet he is the 27th highest paid corner in the league (also the average corner's salary is higher than the average quarterback's salary).

Agent Drew Rosenhaus probably spit coffee all over his computer after reading Barber's quotes this morning. Rosenhaus, who represents more than 90 players, has kept stars such as Terrell Owens, Edgerrin James, Javon Walker, Sean Taylor and Reuben Droughns from offseason workouts in hopes of angling new deals. Barber has a better case than any of them, but he's here.

Good points all around by Harry. I haven't made a point of regularly reading the Sentinel but if they continue to produce fine columns such as this I will have to change that.

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