Wallace's Championship Belt

Wallace's Championship Belt

I've seen Rasheed Wallace carrying around this giant belt lately that looks like something Hulk Hogan or The Rock would be more likely to wear. Now that it's the finals I finally decided to figure out what the hell that belt is for, and well, it's Rasheed's championship belt.

Apparently after the Pistons won the championship last year Rasheed wanted to do something unique.
"That's one thing I always said, even when I was in Portland - if I ever win a championship, it's cool to have the ring, but I'm going to try to come with something different."

I'll go out on a limb here and say Rasheed has been successful with that goal. Apparently, Rasheed's cousin knew a guy that worked at World Wrestling Entertainment (aka the WWE, not to be confused with the World Wildlife Fund, WWF) and a few weeks later Rasheed received the belt in the mail. My only question is, does Rasheed have to hand the belt over to Duncan after the Spurs beat the Pistons?

(yeah, I know, I stole that joke from Bill Simmons, but he stole it from the Swamp.)

(and yes, the picture at the top is the wrong Wallace)

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Anonymous said...

Ski, you obviously don't follow sports. Sheed bought championship belts for each one of his teammates after winning the NBA title last year. Dork!