What does this Walsh guy really know?

Walsh and Gruden

"The players play for each other - they don't play for the coach, for the school, for their family or for their fans,'' Bill Walsh said. "They play for each other. You need that bonding, and Jon has that bonding. That's what I talked about.''

Bill Walsh stopped by the Bucs practice yesterday to evaluate the team and offer any insight that a three time Super Bowl winner. Walsh is also the person who made the West Coast offense famous from his time spent in San Francisco with Joe Montana and Steve Young.

Additionally, Walsh wore a Bucs visor and proclaimed:
This will be my team for the rest of the year. I have a lot of mutual friends on the coaching staff, in the scouting department, among the players. It's terrific to be around it, and I just think this will be my team the rest of the year, so they'd better do well. I'm all for them. I'm part of the family.

Walsh indicated he would be available to Gruden to help advise him as the season progresses, and I have no doubt that his advice would be invaluable to Gruden. I'm sure Walsh, who mastered the West Coast offense the Bucs base their offense on, has a few insights he could share with Gruden and the Bucs coaching staff. Of course, listening to Walsh you would think that the Bucs don't need his help:
Jon's on the cutting edge of offensive football. I don't think there's anyone more innovative than Jon Gruden and, consequently, I think he has a real edge on a lot of his opposition. Now, he has to have people who can effectively perform and can execute. That's what it takes. It appears this year is a lot better year. Does he have it all together right now? I'm not sure of that. I wouldn't know. But I do know I was very impressed (Wednesday).

Of course this is coming from the person who thought Shaun King was one of the best, if not the best quarterback in the 1999 NFL draft. That's the same draft that produced Donovan McNabb, Daunte Culpepper and Aaron Brooks.

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