Dade County police want to talk to Sean Taylor

In fact, the Dade County police want to talk to him so bad, they put out an arrest warrant for Taylor. Now why didn't Coach Gibbs think of that?

An NFL source tells ESPN's Chris Mortensen that the league has gotten a communication from the Dade County Police Department, which says there is a warrant out for Taylor's arrest in regards to an alleged assault with a weapon.

Officially, the Dade police have refused to say whether Taylor is a suspect, or simply a witness or victim of the alleged assault.

Wow, the Redskins offseason just went from bad to worse. The Joe Gibbs honeymoon in Washington ended awhile ago, and now the 'Skins fans are the hung-over newly married husband, waking up next to his wife and thinking to himself, "what the hell did I get myself into?" Here's a good article by John Czarnecki that details the Redskins offseason woes. Here's a highlight from the article:

There is this faith attached to Gibbs because of his Hall of Fame status and three world championships won when the NFC was the game's dominant conference. A lot of that has changed and fans are starting to wonder what strides Gibbs will make this season on top dog Philadelphia. And will they be enough for him to keep on coaching in 2006.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this situation with Taylor unfolds.

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