Taking aim at Vick


Good read by John Clayton about the NFC South. Clayton accurately surmises that the rest of the NFC South will be looking to take down Atlanta in order to win the division. An excerpt from his article:

"The Falcons were the best run-stopping team in the division last season and finished eighth overall in the NFL. Being the best running team and also being the best run-stopping team enabled the Falcons to win the NFC South, a very interesting division in that each team seems to have an edge on the other. The Panthers, despite a talented defense, don't matchup well against the Falcons. The Falcons usually have trouble with the Saints. The Saints usually have an edge on the Bucs."

Clayton is just dead wrong here about the Falcons having the best run defense. Stats might suggest that the Falcons dominated against the run, but that would probably be because they led in so many games they forced teams to go to the air. Plus the Falcons defense was abused for EIGHT rushing touchdowns when they played the Chiefs.

I would provide a further breakdown of the article, but since I'm at work I don't have the time. Damn the Man, always bringing the working guy down.

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