Spent the weekend in upstate New York and Montreal for a college buddy's bachelor party. If I could sum up the past three days in one word it would be debauchery.

Montreal is a really cool, laid-back city that it worth visiting if you get the chance. Besides the novelty of being in a French speaking part of Canada, Montreal also has gambling and strip clubs to offer. There is only one casino in town, but Casino Montreal is a pretty nice joint. It has just about all the games you could want, with the exception of five card stud. My biggest complaint is that they didn't have enough low buy-in blackjack tables. You had to wait 30 minutes to an hour for a seat to open up on one the 10 dollar tables.

I enjoyed the Montreal strip clubs, but none of the ones I went to where in the same league as Mons Venus. We spent most of Saturday night in a strip club called Dante's Contact I think, but the most clubs don't really advertise their names. It was a solid club, but the dancers couldn't hold a Mons dancer's g-string.

But all-in-all a very good weekend.

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