NFL to probe Glazer's finances

The BBC reports that the NFL finance committe has launched a probe to review Malcolm Glazer's bid to buy the Manchester United. Glazer has borrowed $490 million to in his $1.47 billion takeover to take control of the club.

NFL rules stipulate that an owner may borrow against $125 million of his club's value. The NFL finance committee is going to look into the possibility that the Glazers are using the Bucs as collateral in the deal.

Manchester United fans continue to be opposed to the takeover bid, as ESPN.com reports:
"The fan group Shareholders United is calling for a boycott of Manchester United sponsors, and is planning demonstrations at the FA Cup final against Arsenal on May 21.
'We won't do anything that endangers safety, but they may have to draft in the army to police the match,' said Oliver Houston, a vice chairman of Shareholders United."

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