Players give movie credibility?

The Tribune ran a hype article for "The Longest Yard 2" yesterday which is inappropriately tiled "Players give movie credibility." That's kinda like saying Vanilla Ice gives the "Surreal Life" credibility.

Rick Harmon attempts to say that the former NFL players in the movie give it an air of reality despite the fact that those players are Bill Romanowski, Michael Irvin and Brian Bosworth. One highlight (lowlight?) from the article.

" 'The toughest thing for me honestly was not being me,' Irvin said recently during a conference call. 'I am Michael Irvin. I spent the first 38 years of my life making sure as I came up from this little neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale everyone knows who Michael Irvin is. Now I had to spend these next six months making sure everyone forgets who Michael Irvin is and that I sell Deacon Moss.' "

Irvin never ceases to amaze, he refers to himself in the first person thrice. I'm just waiting for him to start using the royal we.

Romo was just about the worst player the movie could have used, a guy who most likely took steroids, and was known for taking cheap shots. Oh yeah, he also payed a former teammate $415 K for ending the guy's career by punching in the face and breaking his eye socket. You know what on? On second thought, I'm pretty sure this article is a practical joke by the Tribune.

For a good review of this movie check out this article by Bill Simmons. If I'm going out to the movie theaters this weekend, I'm going to see Cinderella Man or Madagascar.

And on a final note, check out this nugget of late night humor featuring Triumph the Comic Insult Dog and Star Wars fans. Consider this a bit of revenge for the week of the geek we all had to go through last week.

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