Whiny Rooney

Steelers owner, Dan Rooney is unhappy with Glazer's purchase of the Manchester United according to story in the Tribune.

" 'I'm in the football business,' Rooney said, 'and I believe our principle sport should be the National Football League. The NFL is the greatest league there is ... what are you looking for? Is he [Glazer] going to give full time to operating the Buccaneers? That's the issue. He might say, 'I'm going to send my son over there,' and it may work. You say am I concerned? Yes.' ''

On the other hand Cowboys owner Jerry Jones praised Glazer's purchase, "I'm very impressed. They are impressive and have been since they've been in the league. They're outstanding owners who do it both on and off the field, in my mind. I give them A-pluses.''

NFL spokesman, Greg Aiello says the NFL has no problem with Glazer's takeover of the Manchester club or the way Glazers debt is structured. He does have a problem with Glazer's possible connection with gambling.

Link to article here: http://bucs.tbo.com/bucs/MGB5IIN159E.html

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