Still no word on if Mons lap dances were promised

It's amazing the things that the Tampa Bay Super Bowl Committee offered to "sweeten its bid":

- Each NFL club was promised its own individual golf tournament, which means there will be 32 golf tournaments at 32 courses Super Bowl week.

-Each NFL owner was given an Arnold Palmer signature putter.

-an exclusive Saturday night party at Busch Gardens, where each team has 150 invitations.

Additionally, the Glazers, represented by Bryan Glazer did a great job of lobbying the other owners. This is a slap in the face for all the local writers (Joe Henderson and Daniel Ruth) who accused the Glazers of not working hard enough for the area's Super Bowl bid.

"Each owner had five minutes to speak. Atlanta's Arthur Blank and Houston's Bob McNair went long, and some said their approach bordered on browbeating. Bryan Glazer talked concisely, effectively. The owners applauded. 'Bryan hit a home run, no doubt,' said Rob Higgins, executive director of the Tampa Bay Sports Commission."

Link to article here: http://sports.tbo.com/sports/MGBMDX3F69E.html

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