Glazer has secret talks to build mega-casino

The New Zealand Herald reports that Glazer has been involved in "secret talks with a controversial billionaire casino mogul over ways he might exploit Britain's boom in gambling to help to pay for his acquisition of the club."

The article continues:
"Although a super-casino at Old Trafford is likely to face hurdles, including possible protests from British unions on the basis of Adelson's employment record in the United States, it might hold one clue as to why Glazer feels United can become profitable for him. Casinos have helped 71-year-old Adelson to amass a fortune of 8 billion ($20.8 billion), and his showpiece venue, the Venetian in Las Vegas, is the largest and most profitable in the city."

This is actually good news for Bucs fans since casinos have proven to be huge source of revenue (as long as your name is not Donald Trump), and, if the report is true, it would remove the possibility that Glazer would have to sell the Bucs to pay off the $490 million they borrowed to buy the Manchester club.

Here is a link to the New Zealand article (hat tip to Radio Man): http://www.nzherald.co.nz/index.cfm?c_id=4&ObjectID=10126071

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