Bay Area's Last Ditch Super Bowl Effort

In what can only be described as the Tampa Bay Super Bowl committee's last roundhouse punch before being knocked out of the competition, the Super Bowl delegation offered to give the NFL ONE MILLION DOLLARS in game day expenses. None of the other cities competing (Atlanta, Houston, Miami) is offering $1 million.

As I've said before the selection comes down to weather (Tampa Bay) vs $150 million improvements to a stadium (Atlanta). If the owners are willing to hold the Super Bowl in Detroit next year in exchange for a new stadium in Detroit, then they will have no problem holding the 2009 Super Bowl in Atlanta.

Additionally, some owners are upset at Glazers Manchester United takeover, which will negatively affect Tampa Bay's Super Bowl bid. (of course, reports are that Glazer has been actively calling other owners to lobby for the area)

All this being said, Tampa Bay's Super Bowl chances will increase a hundred fold next year, after the eventual Super Bowl in Detroit debacle when Tom Brady is stranded in a Detroit strip club by a snow storm and the Ron Mexico Falcons go on to win the Super Bowl.

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