Approaching Mike Tyson Status

That would be Ron Artest, one of the few guys in sports who I would believe any story about him, no matter how crazy.

Friend: "So did you hear that Ron Artest recently adopted a small Columbian child, and that he plans to train the small Columbian child to be a horse jockey, but first Artest is going to travel around Eastern Europe on a motor bike with his posse while producing a follow-up record to his first rap cd?"

Me: "I can see that, good for the small Columbian child."

The latest story involving Artest is that he stopped by the Pacers-Pistons game on Thursday wearing no shoes, short-shorts and a t-shirt which he proceded to rip off before entering Canseco Fieldhouse:

"Suddenly, a dark Escalade roared into the loading dock, nearly hitting several people.
Out jumped Ron Artest, the Pacers forward who got a seasonlong suspension for his part in the Nov. 19 brawl. According to Pistons players on the bus, Artest was wearing an old (and short) pair of shorts. He had no shoes on and, upon getting out of the vehicle, he tore off his T-shirt.
Given the history between Artest and the Pistons, the team's security officials were on high alert. But Artest made no motion toward the bus. He simply walked, bare-chested and bare-footed, into the building, presumably for a midnight workout.

"There's something going on there," Ben Wallace said, not wanting to comment further."

So Ron Artest is so busy he can't stop by Reggie Miller's last game before midnight? With the exception of Mike Tyson and Ricky Williams is there anyone in sports crazier than Artest right now? Of course, Artest is one of the 20 best players in the NBA so I'm guessing the Pacers keep him around for awhile, at least as long as he has minimal trade value.

And just one more thing, who else but Ricky Williams would give an interview to Sports Illustrated through instant messager? Two highlights from the interview:

"It took me almost a year to figure out the reason for quitting. The analogy I came up with was that I was renting my life. I needed to go out and make a down payment so I would stop wasting money."

"So many of us cannot decipher between who we are and what we do. I am in the process of negotiating with the mortgage company."

So, either Ricky Williams wants to come back and play for Miami Dolphins or he's looking to refinance his home loans. What with the drafting of Auburn runningback number two, Ronnie Brown, I'm guessing the 'Phins don't have a real big need for Ricky "Don't call me crazy" Williams. Miami would be lucky to trade Williams for a second day draft pick at this point.

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