"Player without a Position"

The Tampa Trib had an interesting story on offensive lineman Anthony Davis and his search to find a position on the Bucs o-line. Cummings actually wrote a short column on Davis last week for CNNSI.com, but this article is still worth the read.

Davis and Bucs coachs expect Davis to get plenty of playing time somewhere on the o-line this season, but no one is exactly sure where. Davis would like to play left tackle (a position he has played since 5th grade) but 3rd round draft pick Chris Colmer is expected to start at left tackle. This means Davis is more likely to start at left guard, a position he more physically suited to playing at the NFL level. Davis is 6' 4'' and 329 pounds, which is about the ideal size for a guard, but a bit small for a tackle.

Despite the fact that Cummings already ran this article sans the quotes from Davis, Allen and Gruden its worth a read: http://bucs.tbo.com/bucs/MGBZAFQXU8E.html

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