Steroid Steussie

OT Todd Steussie has been cleared to practice with the Bucs, althought the Federal and NFL investigations of Steussie and his former Carolina teammates continue. According to a CBS 60 Minutes story (motto: What National Guard memos?) reported March 30 Steussie, punter Todd Sauerbrun, and center Jeff Mitchell all had prescriptions for a banned steroid filled a week and a half before Super Bowl 2004.

Buc's GM Bruce Allen has been assured by the NFL that Steussie will not face fine or suspension. Allen continues, "the NFL has a great substance-abuse program, including the steroids. We have zero tolerance for steroids, and I think when this comes out, you'll find out that it's not the issue that it was being presented as."

I think its ridiculous that the NFL has said it won't come down hard on Steussie or his cohorts. Steussie has made a mockery of the NFL's drug testing program that failed to detect the steroids he was taking. And for the NFL to lay down and play dead shows you how weak their steroid policy really is.

With the recent controversy surrounding baseball and steroids the worst thing that the NFL can do is punish Steussie with a light slap on the list. Considering the situation where San Diego Chargers defensive lineman Luis Castillo tested positive for steroids and was still drafted in the first round, the NFL has not appeared to be that agressive against steroids.

Finally, there is a good chance the Bucs will cut Steussie after June 1, when the Bucs would take less of a salary cap hit from the six year, $20 million contract Steussie signed last year. Steussie originally started last season before he was replaced by Kenyatta Walker, after Steussie gave up a sack against the Saints that resulted in a shoulder injury to Chris Simms.

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