More hot air in DC

In case you haven't heard the owners are meeting in DC this week to mull over several subjects, chief among them the new CBA, horse-collar tackles, and the location of the 2009 Super Bowl.

Word is the horse-collar tackles have been banned from the NFL, which is completely idiotic. Somebody tell the owners we're talking football here, as in, it's a contact sport people are gonna get hurt.

I don't think are horse-collar tackles are malicious, as hitting a guy in the head or neck, which are illegal. Or even as malicious as chop blocks, which the Denver "can Elway unretire?" Broncos have used with success for many years.

My bold prediction about the 2009 Super Bowl, Atlanta's going to win this little competition. My guess is the owners are a little annoyed that Glazer is planning to build a casino, and will punish him accordingly. That leaves Atlanta, Miami and Houston. For reasons I have explained earlier, Atlanta is the clear favorite.

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