Media dislikes the Glazers

And the sun rises in the east.

Just got done reading Daniel Ruth's column from Friday in the Tampa Tribune (motto: "What inferiority complex?") on the Glazers and Manchester United. Ruth fails to bring any new information anything to the conversation table, and should be kicked to the little kids table until he learns to do so. He spends most of the column making lame jokes about the Glazers and poking fun at Manchester United fans.

Now here's the thing most people in the Tampa Bay media don't seem to be able to grasp, Buc's fans LIKE the Glazers. They turned the Yucs into the Bucs, spent money on the team, and, most importantly, won a Super Bowl. Fine, neither Malcolm Glazer or his sons are media friendly. Honestly, I could care less if the Glazers don't make themselves available to a two-bit reporter that has already formed a negative opinion about a person before interviewing them.

Normally, I would include a link to the article but in this case Ruth's work doesn't deserve such a service ('cause I'm a lazy man). Maybe when he steps up to the grown up's table, I'll link to his columns.

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