Interesting Read

Solid article by Lee Bromfield that is worth reading (http://bucpower.com/bromfield40.html).

Its a fairly humorous article, at least it's funnier than my writing (but then again that's not that hard). I especially enjoy his top five "Cadillac" Williams headlines.

He also makes an interesting point regarding rookie reciever Larry Brackins.

"Generally fourth rounders and onwards are longer shotes to succeed, but 6ft 4 receivers with speed are at a premium in the NFL, and Brackins has the tools and the small college 'chip on his shoulder' type background to make it go. Lets hope so anyway."

I think that the rookie receiver out of Utah, Paris Warren, will make a bigger impact this season than Brackins. Warren has far more experience, and is coming from the best offense in college football last year. Brackins is still largely an unknown, who, while talented, has yet to prove he can play with the big boys.

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