Cumming's Weekly Dose

Some notes on Roy Cumming's weekly column on each NFL team:

Rookie LB Barret Rudd is projected to get plenty of playing time at strongside linebacker behind Jeff Gooch.

The promotion of Ruston Webber from college scounting director to player personnel director was a good move. Webber has been good at picking personnel that fit into Kiffin's defensive schemes and has quickly adapted to finding players that fit Gruden's offense. Cummings also argues that Webber should be given more power by the Bucs since Webber would have "been quicker to give PK Martin Gramatica the boot and avoided making costly mistakes such as signing LT Todd Steussie."

The team is also working on Pittman's grip on the ball. Last year Pittman lost six fumbles, but he only lost seven fumbles in the previous four years. The team has been concentarting on stripping the ball from Pittman in an effort "to help him secure the ball more instinctively."

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