Media runs Caddy metaphor into tree

And "Cadillac" Williams has only been on the team for a month.

The St. Pete Times uses the catchy title "Clayton polishing Cadillac" for an article describing Michael Clayton's mentorship of Williams. Apparently the Auburn alum (Williams) is staying at the LSU alum's house (Clayton) until he can find his own place. No word on if Clayton has been helping to clean the Cadillac's undercarriage.

The article also reports that rookie Barret Rudd is getting in time at middle linebacker behind Shelton Quarles. Originally, linebacker coach Joe Barry planned to ease Rudd into the backup strongside linebacker position, instead of the MLB position which requires calling the plays in the defensive huddle.

Additonally, Ryan Nece is backing up Derrick "Who's my favorite player?" Brooks on the weakside, and Marquis Cooper id behind Jeff Gooch at strongside linebacker.

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