Cap Cut Casualties

Tomorrow, June 1st, is the beginning of the next round of cuts by NFL teams to make the salary cap. There are three Bucs on the hot seat.

Charlie Garner RB Charlie Garner

Todd Steussie T Todd Steussie

Matt Stinchcomb G Matt Stinchcomb

It's no coincidence that all the players targeted to be cut are on the offense. All three players were projected to be starters last season, but with the influx of young talent, all are considered expendable. Garner's starting job was taken last season by Pittman, and the addition of first round draft pick Carnell Williams sealed Garner's fate.

Steussie and Stinchcomb's starting positions have been taken over by younger offensive linemen (i.e. Chris Colmer and Anthony Davis). Additionally, the Bucs need to make salary cap room to sign their rookies. The potential cuts are all part of a larger trend which involves Gruden recreating the offense by bringing in young players that fit into his offense. As a result we're looking at one of the youngest starting offenses in the league this year, as opposed to one of the oldest offenses last year.

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