The Glazer's New Toy

Malcolm Glazer has upped the ante in his bid to take over the Manchester United, aka the New York Yankees of English soccer, according to an AP story. He launched a formal $1.47 billion takeover bid for the Manchester club today. This is despite strong resistance from Manchester fans, some of whom have attempted to raise money to counter Malcolm's bid.

I can understand the Manchester fan's anger over a foreigner from across the pond taking over their team. Can you imgaine if some slimy Frenchman came over here, bought the Bucs and then raised tickets prices? There would be mass outrage, in Tampa Bay, and throughout the country.

It will be interesting to see how this affects the Buc's management. Malcolm's sons have basically been running this team for awhile now, but you have to wonder if the Glazers will pay less attention to the Bucs when they own a team in another country.

(P.S. not all Frenchmen are slimy, just the ones that would attempt to buy the Bucs)

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