It's all about the "U"


In the last couple of years, the University of Miami has become famous for putting it's players into the first round of the NFL draft. This offseason, the "U" has become synonymous with everything that is wrong with sports. Miami alums from Ray Lewis to Drew Rosenhaus to Sean Taylor have put the "me" in team.

Let's start with Kellen "I'm a fucking soldier" Winslow. He's talented, he's competitive, but he let his ego potentially ruin his career. How else do you explain how someone who has little experience on a motorcycle decides to pop wheelies at speeds of 35 mph? Did Winslow not get the memo from former Bulls point guard Jason Williams? I'm guessing that Winslow spends the rest of his life regretting his decision to ride that motorcycle. But let's move on to another tight end out of Miami.

Jeremy Shockey was chastised by his teammate and quarterback Eli Manning for not attending the Giant's minicamp. Manning wanted Shockey to come to New York to work on the timing between the two. Shockey, ready to prove he's a teamplayer, stopped by the Giant's practice facility for ONE day before jetting back to Miami. When asked to explain his actions Shockey said, "I'm just trying to do what's best for me." But at least Shockey returned Manning's call.

Sean Taylor is so busy in Miami that he can't even bother to return his hall of fame coach's calls. All Joe Gibbs wants is an explanation for why Taylor is the only player NOT to participate in Redskins offseason workouts. Does Taylor want more money, is he unhappy with his role in the 'Skins defense, or is he simply an selfish and immature player? Until Taylor returns that phone call we are only left to assume. But lets move on to an MVP who is quite clear on what he wants.

Ray Lewis wants a new contract with a $50 million signing bonus. Never mind that Lewis has four years left on his current contract. Never mind the Ravens need to focus on resigning Todd Heap, Jamal Lewis and Ed Reed. Never mind that no team in their right mind would give Ray Lewis a $50 million signing bonus. But the me first attitude is not just limited to Miami players.

Drew Rosenhaus, Miami alum and agent to the stars, has taken selfishness to new levels this offseason. You want a new contract, call Rosenhaus. You want more money, call Rosenhaus. You want to alienate yourself from the fans, call Rosenhaus.

For years Miami alums have made a name for themselves as the most talented players in the NFL. NFL teams knew they could rely on Miami graduates to produce when they reached the pro level. Now NFL teams can rely on players from the "U" to demand more money in the middle of their contracts, to skip offseason workouts and spread the me-first attitude through the locker room. Hey coach, you still want that Miami player on you team?

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