Brooks looks set to retire as Buc

Derrick Brooks has announced that he is willing to restructure his contract, if it would allow him to retire as a Buc.

The Bucs need to cut roughly $14 to $19 million off the player pay rolls by early March to get under the salary cap. GM Bruce Allen has announced he wants to either restructure or cut the 15 highest paid players in the next month.

Next up, Simeon Rice.


gnorb said...

Glad to see that. It's not often you have an all-pro like Brooks stick around with one football team his entire carreer. It's even less common to see a player of that caliber say "ok, I'll restructure for the good of the team." That's what you call a real "sports hero" (as far as sports figures CAN be called heros).

Ski said...

good point, although I consider Brooks a hero for what he does OFF the field, especially the field trips for kids (I forget the exact name of the volunteer work).

gnorb said...

Actually, that's what you call "hero", period. But you can be a "hero" without being a "sports hero" and vice versa.

(Examples: Warren Sapp - "Sports Hero", but I'd be hardpressed to call him that in real life. I think "jerk" is more like it, from what I've heard regarding how he treats fans, and some stuff I've seen him do. Doug Flutie - "Hero" for what he's done off the field, but hardly a "sports hero".)

*By the way, I'm happy to announce that I still have my autographed Brooks draft day and rookie cards, alongside my Erric Rhett, and Trent Dilfer signed draft-day cards. But I digress...*