Cadillac wins Offensive Rookie of the Year

In a decision that should shock no one, Cadillac Williams won the Offensive Rookie of the Year, garnering 47 of the 50 first place votes. The other three players to receive votes were RB Ronnie Brown (MIA), TE Heath Miller (PIT), and G Logan Mankins (NE).

Overlooking that the idiot who voted for Mankins should have his voting rights for everything related to the NFL stripped away for his Patriot's bias, Cadillac deserved to win this award. He did more to turn around this club than any of the other new players. Cadillac proved how good the Bucs team could be with a consistent running game.

And while it's nice to see a Buc win this award, in the grand scheme of things it is fairly meaningless. If Cadillac wants to establish a reputation for himself he needs to get it done in the postseason.

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