It could always be worse

Understandably, Lions fans are underwhelmed by Marinelli (perhaps because his name sounds too much like Mariucci). And understandably this is not the best situation for Marinelli to walk into. But Marinelli's window to coach a team was quickly closing and this offseason looks like the best chance for an assistant coach to make the jump to head coach. Marinelli had to accept this job if he wanted to be a head coach.

All in all, this is not a bad first coaching gig. Lions fans already have low expectations, so Marinelli does not have to win the Super Bowl in his first year. The Lions have enough talent on both sides of the ball that some smart free agent moves (quarterback, offensive line) can turn this team around. And Matt Millen has earned the trust of the owners, the Ford family (although I'm not sure how he did that), which means you can expect a good deal of stability if Marinelli can win some games next season.

And on side note, it's interesting to see the Bucs slowly take over the old NFC Central division. You have former Bucs coaching the Bears and Lions (Lovie Smith and Marinelli), and a former Buc running the defense in Minnesota (Mike Tomlin). I don't know who's left to take over Green Bay, but it's good to see the former punching bag of the old division teaching their old opponents how to play.


John F. said...

I think about the situation for Rod and I think about the situation his former boss walked into here in Tampa.

Dungy's hiring wasn't recieved well and the team had been wallowing for over a decade. That said, Matt Millen is no Rich McKay... So even with a good head coach, the Lions still have troubles if Millen doesn't grow some brain cells before the end of playoffs and the begining of the offseason

Ski said...

it's funny but i was thinking about the same thing about the marinelli hiring. i don't think millen is a stupid as everybody assumes he is (just that it took him a little longer to figure out how to do his job).

once the lions start winning the "fire millen" chants will die down (although that may not be for another year or two).