What should the DRays new nickname be?

Since Reggie Bush was running away with the previous poll ("who should Houston take with the first pick?") I have gone ahead and created a new poll.

Inspired by the comments in the previous post, I have listed some of the suggestions (including my own) for the DRays new nickname. Tarpons is supposedly the nickname the Tampa Bay/St. Pete management have been leaning towards, but well, as Michael Wilbon pointed out on PTI, that sounds conspicuously like a feminine hygiene product.

Bit tip of the hat to GNorb, as well as Scott and John for their suggestions. I recommend you check out the comments for the previous thread, 'cause there are too many good nicknames for me to list them all in a poll.

While I think it's clear White Caps will be the runaway success (it's classic), I can see how some of the other suggestions could be popular (Jesus Rays for instance). After you vote drop a comment in this thread to explain why you voted the way you did. And, of course, feel free to suggest any other nickname(s) for the baseball team.

'Cause, honestly, who wants to end up with a team nickname that sounds like tampon?

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