No Free (shirts) League

Once again proving that no professional sports league is more uptight than the NFL, the League is planning on suing the local ABC affiliate, Channel 28. It appears Channel 28 is guilty of the unforgivable offense of handing out free t-shirts that said "Go Bucs."

Normally, I don't side with a local tv news station since they are full of idiots (as the documentry "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" shows) but Channel 28 is getting reamed by the NFL in this situation. After Channel 28 handed out free t-shirts before the 'Skins playoff game, the Buccaneer's organization responded by banning Channel 28 from the postgame press conference.

"This is obviously a serious matter. Our organization and the NFL doesn't take this matter lightly," [Buc's spokesman Jeff] Kamis said.

Gang violence or soldiers dying overseas are serious issues, not the NFL getting it panties in a bunch because of some free t-shirts. They say a NFL locker room is like a fraternity, but everyone else in the NFL works like a sorority.

What's next, taking legal action against fans with signs that say "Go Bucs"? Shutting down unlicensed websites with the Buc's name in them? On second thought I should probably shut up.

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Anonymous said...

You ever read the legal stuff before an NFL game? It's apparenlt ya violation of their copyright to even discuss the game. You must sit and watch, but you can not talk about it.