Gibbs reverses his tune

After the Mike Alstott's famous (or if you live up here in Northern Virginia, infamous) two point conversion against the 'Skins, Washington head coach whined to the NFL about the call.

"We have a very clear film shot of the ballcarrier on the ground about six inches short," Gibbs said.

The local sports talk radio station has reported that Gibbs has changed his mind. Gibbs now claims the Bucs won the first contest fair and square. I wonder what could possibly compel Crybaby Gibbs to change his tune?

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GoCarolina! said...

Alot of things about the 'Skins to goof on, Lavar, Clinton Portis, etc., but make no mistake, Joe Gibbs is one of the top coaches/individuals in the NFL. Outside of FL, they were bad calls.

Chuckie, "two beers, honest officer" Gruden ain't. When his bust is in Canton, then let's talk.