The Run Down

Reintroducing a gimmick we haven't pulled out in awhile, the Run Down. A quick look at some of the sports stories around the internet. 'Cause sometimes we're just too lazy for a full length post for each story.

First and second stops are Buc Stats and Pewter Pirates.

Pewter Pirates does some research (i.e. Googled "Bucs" and "draft pick", we could have done that) and discovers the Bucs will draft Auburn OT Marcus McNeil. The only other question is what should McNeil's nickname be? We vote for Morgan Freeman.

Buc Stats takes a look at the departure of two Bucs defensive coaches and wonders why another Bucs coach was not given a pink slip. Truth be told Tomlin's and Marinelli's departures will likely hurt the Bucs more than any other personnel losses this offseason.

And finally EdBatista at The Sports Frog is baffled by Peter King's hating on the Herm Edwards to Kansas City deal:

I'm truly baffled by this. (I'm baffled by KC's passionate love for Herm Edwards, too, but that's another story.) Herm and Woody, once upon a time, were tight. Time passed, things changed, they drifted apart. Herm's looking around, thinking about playing the field. KC and Herm actually have a little history. KC remembers how good things used to be with Herm, what a great guy he was, and they know they'd make magic together. Woody says, "Don't let the door hit you in the ass, Herm." KC and Herm walk off into the sunset. End of story.

Clearly PKing is the jilted lover in this love triangle.

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