Guess, it's safe to say not every Lions fan is feeling new head coach Rod Marinelli.


Kevin said...

I SWEAR I meant this as a compliment. Perhaps using toilet paper to show my feelings wasn't the best move.

Marinelli will be great as Lions' coach. We need a tough guy, and he fits the bill.

Scott said...

I knew what you meant, but the analogy left something to be desired. Maybe you could have made up Rod Marinelli-brand douches. The tagline could have something to do with him "cleaning house". Rod Marinelli-brand enemas would also work with that tagline. Or Marinelli-brand tainted chicken! "Catch the fever!"

See how important imagery is?

Ski said...

I've got to echo what scott wrote, you picked an odd way to compliment Marinelli. If I'm a Boston fan, I don't walk into the store and ask for Red Sox toilet paper to wipe my ass. Instead, I go across the street and buy some of that low grade Yankees t.p.

Scott said...

Or you could just sneak into Steinbrenner's restroom and let top shelf hookers wipe your ass with hundred dollar bills.